The Garda Village has always upheld strict hygiene procedures and promoted high quality standards. In recent years, we have implemented all the safety measures required by competent authorities to ensure that all guests enjoy carefree holidays and a safe working environment for all our staff.
Today more than ever before, we are delighted to welcome you and do what we like best:
focus entirely on your well-being.

May we remind you that from 01/04/2022 it is no longer compulsory to show the GREEN PASS (for foreigners, the vaccination certificate) to access the village.


The village has signs illustrating basic procedures concerning hygiene, social distancing and the correct use of personal protective equipment in relation to the content of applicable regulations.
We have integrated our standard sanitization protocols for everything concerning our guests; we clean and disinfect surfaces, equipment and objects more frequently with our fully trained personnel and specific detergents.
Many hand sanitizing gel dispensers have been installed inside the village: in the reception area, swimming pool, restaurant, mini-market, bar, kiosks and public toilets.


Signs in the common areas remind everyone to maintain social distancing. The sunbeds by the pool are appropriately distanced, as well as all the tables in refreshment points; the menus of our restaurants and bars can be downloaded online. They are made available on easily sanitized media or large suspended signs; the entertainment programme is published on several bulletin board points to allow easy consultation and avoid handing out paper copies. To provide an extra level of precaution, we highly recommend our online check-in system to avoid touching personal items too often and speed up registration procedures.
The reception and cash points are fitted with plexiglass barriers to ensure greater protection for you and staff alike.
The reception area has a number of brochures (to be taken and kept for individual consultation) and a great deal of specific, useful information will be provided by our staff to help reduce the amount of printed paper.


When cleaning bungalows and mobile homes, our staff always make every effort to ensure maximum hygiene and, together with our partners, we have reviewed cleaning protocols: all surfaces are treated with disinfectant products in compliance with current regulations.
Linen has always been washed in relation to specific disinfection and sterilization procedures, which have also been validated again during this health emergency.


  • Always keep at a safe distance from other people;
  • Sanitize and wash your hands frequently and every time you are asked to do so;
  • Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues if you should sneeze or cough, otherwise cover up with the inside of your elbow;
  • Always wear masks correctly indoors or if it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from other people. Masks can only be removed once seated at table, lying on sun loungers and while bathing in the lake or swimming pool;
  • In the event of symptoms such as a cold, cough or sore throat or if body temperature is above 37.5 °C, you must stay in your accommodation and notify reception by telephone. You will be given all necessary support.


All employees, based on their professional roles, receive a daily anti Covid-19 kit which will ensure that they can carry out their work activities. Every day, at the beginning of the shift, everyone is asked about their state of health and their temperatures are measured.
The Garda Village invests significantly in continuous training and information of all staff. All updates are shared on a daily basis, since only appropriate knowledge enables people to work with self-assurance, aware of the safety of where they operate and what they do… and this ensures that all our guests can make the most of the vacation they deserve!

Enjoy your stay with us!